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Gaffa Cloth Tape - Black - Magtape Matt 500

Gaffa Cloth Tape - Black - Magtape Matt 500

Anti-Reflection Coating

A super-matt surface offering a minimal 1.9% reflection ratio has helped MagTape® Matt be one of the leading camera tape brands in the TV and film industry for over 20 years.

Residue Resistant Adhesive*
A perfect balance of adhesive strength and peel clean removability. Removing this tape leaves minimal, if any, residue on a huge variety of surfaces*. Please note some surfaces and environments, especially those with high levels of plasticiser, may cause the adhesive to transfer.

Durable 80 Mesh Construction
A durable 80 mesh construction offers high levels of durability.

Multi Directional Tear
Durable yet remains easy to tear by hand across both the length and width of the tape, ideal for on the spot applications.

• Colour: Black
• Roll Size: 50mm x 50m
• Pack Size 1
• Easy tear and very easy unwind
• Good long term resistance to outdoor exposure
• Good water resistance
• Writable surface
• Wide colour range
• Matt finish

Gaffa Tape is the tape you can trust to seal, mask, hold, patch, reinforce, repair, and more. It is perfect for household repairs, box sealing and bundling and for everyday use. Gaffa tape is multi-use cloth tape, it tears easily, applies smoothly and holds well. Useful in the convention industry and seaming carpet padding, taping down cords and hinging poster boards panels. Cloth Tape for – All-round Maintenance Gaffa Tape - Application Ideas General Repairs Splicing, Capping pipe and conduit Hanging Poly drapes Packaging Moisture proofing Marking and labelling Colour coding Taping Insulation.

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